Sunday, April 7, 2013

Song Discussion

Old Crow Medicine Show "Let it Alone"
While the traveling through this big iron world It'll sometimes ask of you To give advice at certain times And tell folks what to do
Well, at this time, I'm gonna tell you What's the wisest plan When it comes to mixing in with things That you just don't understand, hmm
Let it alone, let it alone If it don't concern you, let it alone Don't go around putting on airs And meddling in other folks' affairs If you don't know, say so Mind your own business and let it alone
Well, you see two people fighting Them man and woman, say You think that it's a crime for them To carry on that way Well, you think that you could stop that row But just as you draw nigh The lady with the poker Strikes the gentleman across the eye
Let it alone, let it alone If it don't concern you, let it alone They know their business, all right, all right They practice that way every night If you go buttin' in, they'll break your chin So mind your own business and let it alone
Well, you say that love's against you And on your weary way Well, lying in the gutter A drunken man, we'll say He's lying in the gutter And you can tell that he's all in But on his necktie plainly gleams A great big diamond pin
Let it alone, let it alone He's not your pal, so let it alone The man is drunk, it may be true But the diamond don't belong to you So shut your eyes and eat some sighs Turn around and beat it and leave it alone

This song is a discussion between a person in young adulthood and maturity to death in Erikson's stage of development. The mature person is looking back on life and is telling the younger man that if something does not concern the then they should "let it alone."  This is something that he has learned form years of experience and is telling someone with less experience.

I think that I will use this in my classroom by having students reflect on their experience. I want for students to think about what they have learned and share their experiences with others. Maybe I would have fifth graders come to the art room and share with the kindergartners wisdom they have gained throughout their elementary school experience.

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