Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Article Reflection

My article was titled "Creating Safe Schools for Queer Youth." The article listed statistics about the amount of bullying that lgbtq students face in schools everyday. The statistics were staggering and heartbreaking.  4/5 LGBTQ students reported being verbally harassed in schools. This does not create a safe environment for these students to learn.  The article stated that most teachers felt like it was their job to protect students, but the LBGTQ students polled did not feel like their teachers did anything to stand up for them or their rights. There is a serious disconnect between the teachers wanting to help and the students knowing that they are protected.

The article listed ten ways to ensure a safe learning environment for LBGTQ students. I thought they were very helpful to know.

1. do not assume heterosexuality
2. guarantee equality
3. create safe environment
4. diversify library or media holdings
5. provide training for faculty and staff
6. provide appropriate health care and education
7. be a role model
8. provide support for students
9. reassess curriculum
10. broaden entertainment and extra curricular activities

When I am a teacher I will not allow the use of any gay slurs. Students in my classroom will know that those are harmful and inappropriate.  I also want students to know regardless of their sexual orientation, race, gender, ect. that no one deserves to be put down or bullied especially at school. I hope that they know that I am a safe person to talk to and will take any harassment that they may face incredibly seriously. All students deserve for school to be a safe and welcoming environment.

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  1. Lauren, I really liked your take on the article. I agree that no slurs should ever be allowed in the classroom and no one should be put down because of who they are. It sounds like your article was very informative and helpful!