Thursday, April 25, 2013


3) You have now read several views about intelligence. What do you think about intelligence?
Is it one trait or many? more heavily influenced by nature or nurture? a fixed capacity or a
modifiable ability?
I feel that intelligence should be measured by a person's ability to be happy and satisfied in their lives. I think that if a person feels like they are good at something and finds joy in day to day life, then I think that they are pretty intelligent. Intelligence should not be measured solely on a persons ability to solve an algebra problem. These people may be successful in a classroom environment, but may not be so well adjusted to living in the real world. Intelligence is not a fixed entity. I feel like every day we learn something new and meaningful to our lives. Something that was important for me to know five years ago probably has no relevance to my life today. Something that I am learning right now may not be important or relevant to me five years from now. I don't think that intelligence is something that you are born with. Intelligence is something that develops over time and has a lot to do with a persons desire to learn new things about their world. 

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