Friday, February 15, 2013

Chapter 6 QTC

What are the essential skills and/or learning outcomes you want your students to know and be able to do that relate to cognitive learning? 
I would like for my students to be able to access long term as well as short term memory in the classroom.  To do this they would need to be able to pay attention, which will be in part my responsibility making sure lessons are engaging. I would like for students to be able to know and understand all of the elements and principles of design. They should be able to have a full understanding of the concepts and be able to use elaboration to be able to explain how they work together in an artwork. 
How might your knowledge of the memory processes guide your instructional decisions?
I know from the teacher project on chapter 6 that it is important to use hot cognition to engage students.  I think it may be a good idea to give a short little survey to be able to know what the students are really interested in. I can then model the projects to their personal interests and to draw in their own life experience into the projects. This will make the learning much more meaningful, engaging long term memory. I will try to teach using a lot of different types of stimulation like visual, verbal, and personal exploration be able to capture the attention of all types of learners. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Chapter 15

Turn to p. 559 in Ormrod’s text.  Now, imagine that you are meeting with Ingrid’s grandmother today to explain her scores on the recent standardized achievement test pictured at the bottom of p. 559.  What will you tell her about Ingrid’s performance? her strengths? her weaknesses?

If I was meeting with Ingrid's grandmother I would first start off with the positive. I would let her grandmother know that she did a great job on her social studies, science and reading comprehension scores.  We would talk about how these subject areas are where Ingrid really shines.  
I would then address math concepts where Ingrid scored as average. I would discuss how she is preforming in the class in math concepts and let her know that we will work to keep Ingrid at this level as well as improve in this subject area. 
We would then talk about spelling and math computation, where Ingrid tested at below average. I would let Ingrid's grandmother know what we will be doing in the classroom to help Ingrid improve those scores. We would also review how Ingrid was doing in my class with these concepts to make sure that she was not just having a problem with standardized testing.  I would also suggest working an extra 15 minutes a day at home on these concepts. I would refer her to this website where Ingrid could play games on the computer to help with her spelling.  This would be a fun website for Ingrid to practice her math computation skills. I would emphasize to Ingrid's grandmother to try to work practice in without overwhelming the student. I would let her know that I will be monitoring her progress and communicating with her regularly.