Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chapter 14

(14.1) Think of a lesson plan from your licensure area (feel free to use the same topic you used for Chapter 6, 9 & 10). Knowing that assessment is an integral part of teaching, explain at least four informal and formal assessments that you will use in your lesson plan to provide you with feedback and involve the students in assessing their own learning.

I could do a project on color theory with my students.  We would be working with complimentary tertiary colors to create a landscape painting. I would introduce the topic and teach them about how we can find tertiary colors and demonstrate how we can make tertiary colors.  While I am presenting I will informally check for understanding by asking for student volunteers to create a tertiary color. If they still seem confused about the process of making tertiary colors I would explain it again maybe in a different way.  Before they can get the paper to begin the final projects I would ask them to mix 4 tertiary colors on newsprint for me as another informal check for understanding. After they finish their tertiary color landscape I would ask them to complete a reflection work sheet in which they tell me which tertiary colors they used and how they were made. Then as formal I would use a rubric to assess the final products as well as their reflection  of the final product with emphasis on whether or not the tertiary colors were used. 

(14.2) Consider norm referenced assessment and criterion referenced assessment. Are there advantages to both? Are their disadvantages?
Norm referenced assessment cannot measure the population as a whole. It can only measure where the individual lies within the whole.  It can be used to rank the achievement of students.  Criterion referenced determines whether students have achieved a skill or concept. Norm referenced is easier to grade but you get worse information, but you can get a huge amount of information with it.  Criterion testing gives better information, but it is more difficult to analyze.

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  1. Your thoughts on criterion vs norm referenced assessments were really helpful for me. I don't think I had a solid grasp on the difference until I read your thoughts. Thanks! I like the lesson you used as your example. I think that your forms of assessment are great because the informal parts help you know where all of your students are and the formal rubric helps the students know what is expected of them.