Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Barb Rentenbach Presentation

When I went to Barb Rentenbach's presentation not knowing what to expect. First her friend talked about Barb and about her writings. She had us read some of Barb's writings aloud.  It was interesting to hear her words coming out of our mouths. Her writings were clever and witty. She seemed to read constantly because her work was riddled with quotes and novel words.
The best part of her presentation was for her interview. She opened up the floor to for us to ask her any question we would like. Most of the people in the audience seemed nervous about asking her questions. When met with a lull in the crowd she typed out " One mute per show please." She is such a funny person! The thing that I learned from this presentation is not to judge someone by the way they look. On the first impression I would have thought that Barb was not capable of doing much. Thank god for augmentative communication. I am so glad that Barb is able to express what she is thinking. She has so much to share with the world.

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